Savings Accounts

The perfect account to start saving for the business, regardless of the balance you maintain, as your funds will grow with the attractive interest rates offered by AndCapital Bank.

  • Provision of Debit Card.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals when you require it, through telephone and electronic transfers.
  • Online management of the account, free of charge.
Minimum opening deposit
$ 2,500.00
Interest rate
0.20 %

There are no service charges or minimum amounts.

Please fill out, print and send the account opening forms:

  • Deliver two (2) Identification Documents with photo, valid and color scan * of the Legal Representatives of the company, the shareholders and last beneficiaries.
  • Tax Information Register (RIF), if applicable or current Identification Document.
  • Two (2) Bank references with average balances (issue date not greater than 90 days)
  • One (1) Public utility bill for electricity, telephone or water (indicating the residential address of the person) with a date of issue not greater than 90 days. Company Bylaws.
  • Latest Acts of Assemblies or latest changes in capital and management of the company
  • Financial Statements of the company.

* (2) photo identification documents must be: (a) Passport; (B) Resident Country Identification Document.